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Making Technology Work For You

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Located at 378 W Wisconsin Ave in Grantsburg! Contact us at 763-318-4812 or [email protected] for an appointment!

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Services Offered

PC Monitoring and Security

Now offering monthly PC monitoring, remote assistance, cybersecurity protection, antivirus, security training, web filtering, managed updates, and more! We'll make sure your computer is optimized as we monitor it's performance. We'll also install and monitor top-notch anti-virus and cybersecurity protection to keep you safe!

PC Backups

As part of our managed services, we will make sure all of your important and sensitive data is backed up to a remote location, ensuring it won't be lost, deleted, or destroyed. We can also store an exact copy of your entire PC so that it can be restored at any time on any laptop or computer!

IT Equipment

Including laptops, desktops, servers, cell phones, accessories, monitors, printers; you name it, we can provide it. With our value added services, including premium setup and customization, we are here to simplify the process of upgrading your technology!

Media Streaming

Helping churches and companies connect with their viewers through video or audio services while keeping it simple for the broadcaster.

Backup Servers

The importance of good backups cannot be understated. One of our specialties is implementing proper backup services for all of your technology needs. We work on full custom builds, cloud storage backups, local copies, Google Enterprise and Microsoft 365 backups. Contact us before you experience the perils of data loss!

Privacy Consulting

Are you tired of "paying" for free services by selling your data and privacy? If you are ready to become self-sovereign with your data, we can help you host your own replacements for all the pervasive free cloud services. Enjoy all the features and benefits of Google Drive, Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Slack, without selling your data to a 3rd party.

Security Consulting

We can help upgrade and modernize your digital security. Using services such as password managers to segregate and isolate your accounts, you can limit the risks if a company suffers a data breach. Encrypted data and communication can also be a great way to limit your security risks. We can also help you implement a security camera solution with object detection and facial recognition.

Computer Repair and Upgrades

Computers don't always have to be replaced. If your computer is acting slow, stalling, or experiencing other issues, we can upgrade it's components. From expanding memory to speeding up your storage disks, to upgrading your wifi, you can breathe new life into your favorite computer. We can also replace and restore damaged components.

Electrical Engineering

Specializing in low voltage DC electronics and wire harness design, we can help you complete or improve your product design to fit your needs.

About Us

After graduating from Clemson in 2013, I explored the world of engineering, but ultimately discovered my passion of technology. Over the past few years, I have researched and implemented multiple types of technology in my own home, as well as for my customers. Orange Tech LLC was founded in 2021 and to date, I have helped several clients find their fit with technology. My hobbies include traveling, football, and of course computers. While working out of my home in Grantsburg, I look forward to working with you to reach your tech goals and making your IT easy! -Nathan Hunt (Owner)


"I had a good experience with Nathan because he really knows his craft and has all the tools needed to do the work. I certainly would recommend him"

- Rich G

Nathan has been nothing short of professional and highly knowledgeable in the technology area. I have had two servers installed and was part of the team at my church to bring Nathan in to install a server there. He was with us every step of the way, and while we were sometimes lost, he guided us through the process at that moment and ever since when we have questions. He seems to always be up for a challenge! He has a gentle, patient way about him and is impressively quick to respond to our needs for my business and the church.

- Bob R

The We Are Network

"Nathan has made it simple and effortless to stay in contact, I am very pleased with the set-up and services he has provided my company"

- Kenneth H

Safeguard Security Inc.


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